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Featuring Support for MISB FMV / STANAG 4609-spec Video in Video GeoTagger PRO Edition
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Geotag & Map Videos

Video GeoTagger is a revolutionary software allowing anyone to easily geotag ANY video for interactive map playback – Starting at FREE*!

Geotag Video

Drones, Action Cameras, Cell Phones, Handhelds & Profesional Systems – Video GeoTagger Lets You Automatically or Manually Geotag Any Video with Continuous GPS Data!

Map Playback

Positions indicator moves along GPS track on the map, indicating where the current video view was captured. Simply click any point along the track to “navigate the video” to that location.

Data Dashboard

Optional Dashboard on top of maps to show data collection platform/vehicle speed, time & heading. Additional info exist for MISB FMV/STANAG 4609, or other GPS derived protocol.

GIS Integrations

Geotagged videos are compatible in our LineVision suite of professional survey, mapping and reporting software, including versions for Google Earth, Esri ArcGIS

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Pricing & License Plans

Video GeoTagger is offered in Monthly and Annual license plans. Purchase a PRO license now at our online store or from within the application after downloading the trial. 

FREE Edition

Ideal for non-commercial, personal use ONLY.
FREE Free Forever!
  • *Non-Commercial/Non-Government Use Only
  • Watermarked Video Viewer
  • Output Encrypted Geospatial Video Companion Files
  • Automatically Geotag Video with Map
  • Automatically Geotag Video with Metadata Auto-detect
  • Manually Geotag Video with Map
  • Instant Map Playback of Geo-referenced Video with Synced GPS Log Files
  • Instant Map Playback of GoPro Video with Embedded GPS
  • Instant Map Playback of DJI Drone Videos with GPS in Closed Caption
  • Instant Map Playback of MISB FMV/STANAG 4609-spec Videos
  • Geotagging Support for DJI Drone Videos Using the Flight Record Log .TXT File
  • GPS Data Display & Virtual Dashboard Gauges
  • Output Geotagged Videos Compatible with the LineVision Software Suite

PRO Edition

Additional features for professional and commercial users.
$ 16
per month w/ annual plan
  • All FREE Features Plus+
  • Commercial & Government Use
  • NO Watermark on Video Viewer
  • Output Non-encrypted Geospatial Video Companion Files
  • DJI Drone “Camera-Target-Footprint” & FOV Mapping with Flight Record Logs .TXT Files
  • Map Layer Control w/ Options for Basic Esri Streaming Background Maps: Imagery, Topo, Oceans
  • Esri ArcGIS Online Authentication

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Geotag any video and “click-on-track” map-based video player for personal, Non-commercial/Non-government use.


Experience all the advanced features and geospatial video data formats for professional commercial/government use.


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Specifications & Requirements

(Geospatial video and map type support will vary by FREE or PRO edition)

Support Resources

Video GeoTagger is easy to use, and to insure your success we have provide a number of self-service support resources including online documentation, a product support/user forum and how-to videos.

PLEASE NOTE!  We DO NOT offer personalized email and phone support for Video GeoTagger.  We kindly encourage you to read the documentation and watch the relevant YouTube videos.  If you still have questions or technical support issues please refer to the Video GeoTagger User Support Forum.  You may likely find your answers there and if not post a question where it will be addressed by Remote GeoSystems specialists and a community of user experts as soon as possible.

About Us

Video GeoTagger is built by Remote GeoSystems – a Global Leader in Developing Specialized Professional Geospatial Video Recorders, Mapping Software & Data Management Solutions for Situational Awareness, Surveys, Inspections, Engineering and Environmental Projects. 

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